My Dictionary

This is my dictionary. It will be covering all topics from common sense to stupidity and some/many other invented words. It will be finished on the day I die (age of maturity) as with all of my insights/notions/assumptions etc.


  • Awakenisation – a point where an entity comes to realise that their current pathway is not leading them to the best goal. 
  • Additive induction -those things that are constructed via emergence that we add via valid processes 


  • Blame Negative – The act of giving bias accountability to an entity without complete investigation 
  • Blame Positive – The act of giving accountability for incompetent inaction/s after a complete unbiased investigation. 
  • Certainty – Things we know that can happen
a) In risk management we can plan for every known thing, although this is impracticable it is possible. Therefore in risk management we can only plan for certainties. i.e. we know how we can fall from a ladder so we have a choice to mitigate those certainties with a control.
  • Collective Understanding (Seven Cs) – A synergy of commitment, consultation, communication, collectiveness, consideration, creativeness, correctiveness, and collaboration that ensure we are open to Collective Management (note; no organisation to date has shown the seven Cs) 
  • Common Risk Sense – What an unhandicapped person over the age of adolescence knows, within a said culture, about what a human cannot do or toleratea) I.e. putting a hand in a fire, being able to fall great distances and land without injury, stab a knife though the heart, bit of one’s own tongue... 
  • Dehumanisation - is the practice of reducing or stopping stringent systems and guiding rules so to allow for more both individual and collective choices and goals. 
  • Dreamerstan -TBA
  • Dreamerstaian -TBA
  • Equilibrium – a point where safety can no longer improve with current technologies or knowledge.
a) i.e. the wearing of a hard hat at an construction site is as much as we can do for PPE for the head.

b) i.e. A warning sign is all we can do to warn general public of a risk (do not swim here due to sharks).


  • Fool – I person with competence yet ignores such competence 
  • Foolish – An act done while knowing the outcome has more negative consequences than good ones.
  • Fuzzysafe – Any point chosen between being safe and unsafe after a complete risk assessment has been done and knowing current risks.
a) i.e. you choose to not where fall arrest gear after it was noted the this gear must be worn


  • Goal Graph – A depiction of any process (steps up, climbs etc) to reach an unobtainable or unsustainable goal or level that has been invented by people trying to sell some sort of promising system said to be better or more beneficial than current. 
  • Handicapped – Opposite of unhandicapped, but includes self imposed brainwashing
  • Homeostultusstasis - (Homeo is close to - Stultus is latin for stupidity - Stasis is the all to known equilibrium) - meaning that humans will always remain at a point where we continue to do unsafe things knowing how risky they are.
  • Humanisation - Humanisation is a collective of stringent systems and guiding rules that restrain both individual and collective choices and goals. Humanisation is designed to collectively manipulate us towards an unnatural existence for a supposed goal of greater good.
a) Humanisation is a word currently used to represent morality and good virtues, yet in reality, humanisation practices has created the environment that exists today. Humanisation is not noticed by those with a preferred existence (usually those overly optimistic), as the process of humanisation serves them well.


  • Idiot – A person intent on taking continual risk taking activities (embracing risk) at the expense of another (i.e. organisation, work group)
  • Idiotpert – One who claims they know more than what they think they know because they have the ability to memorise data presented by others, copy ideas and masters of plagiarism
  • Incompetence – a entity who chooses to not improve upon their already lax skills for the role they undertake 
  • Incompetent – a entity who is not fit for the role/s they undertake 
  • Irish Elk – A solution that works in the short term but does not in the long term leaving a total failure or breakdown. 

  • Knowledgeable – One who has more knowledge above the common yet understand that they are not an expert L
  • Lazy – People or organisations who choose to ignore what they know needs to be or should be done and who often push their labour onto others while advertising all the things they have to do to avoid that situation. 
  • Multidirectional Result Possibility - TBA 


  • Non Fictional Risk - all risk we know is based on the fact that the risk is real. Falling from a plane at 1000m has a real non fictional risk of death. (more to explain)


  • Planet B – the dreamers land of our own perfection we all wish for
  • Position of Peer Misunderstanding Event - A Position of Peer Misunderstanding event is derived from a total lack of commitment, consultation, communication, consideration, creativeness, correctiveness, and collectiveness between two or more people. 
  • Positive cynic - One who constantly seeks to challenge all operations, assumptions and subjective topics in hope to improve upon the past \
  • Pressure induced Inconvenient Event (PIIE) - Something that happened, that those in control wish did not, but knew could happen, but did nothing, because of the pressure to accomplish something, which was coerced upon regardless of any human cost.
a) PIIE’s generally occur due to tight budgets, unrealistic goals and targets, high reputation seeking status, risk overconfidence, and lack of seeking understanding

b) These pressures have a significant impact on the way actions are carried out and ultimately activate many risks (both known and unknown) that are floating around in suspended animation (risk universe).

c) PIIEs are only caused or allowed to activated by people that have ultimate duty of care and control over the decision making processes; such as senior executives, and stakeholders and upper level management.

  • Pressure induced Action - an entity coerced into an action that must ignore best practices 
  • Pressure induced event - Any event that was caused by a form of undue pressure (time, money, reputation, etc) 


  • Retrospective Novel – When debating with another, ones raises an idea/context..then the other replies in way as if they new it, yet still there context is wrong 
  • Respective Safety Extirpation - Safety topics that have been expired for use even though no valid reason gave cause to eradicate them. 

  • .
  • Self-forced bounded rationality - rationale that one puts on themselves without external influence (i.e. rush the job to get home early - it is not influenced by workplace
  • Satellite Insightfulness - having the ability to step away from your-self and put your-self into a simulated external orientation, be it around person or environment to get a better view or insight into another perspective. 
  • Safe (workplace context); Meeting or exceeding what we know (law)
  • Safety -  doing what we know we must do to avert what we know can happen.
  • Safety Starvation  - TBA
  • System One and System Two embedded heuristics –
a. Systems One Embedded Heuristics (SOEH) – From controlled learning and experience – good habits – optimal

b. System Two Embedded Heuristics (STEH) – From uncontrolled learning experience – bad habits – less optimal

Note- System two embedded heuristics are harder to control or overcome with STEH as they were not embedded in a controlled state. STEH I feel are stored differently in the brain to SOEH so have a different pathway of extraction when needed under duress.

  • 'Somesensical' - 'Somesensical' is the basic level (middle zone) of what one should ought to know about a topic and sits between commonsensical and nonsensical; i.e. While it may not be commonsensical to know risk (as per photo), most have Somesensical notion of what is risk.

  • Uncertainty – not having any knowledge of something that may occur.
  • Unhandicapped – A person that has participated in orthodox schooling, that has not been externally brainwashed, has had no brain injuries that null out prior learnings, and who is unaffected by pressures. 
  • Unequilibrium – An uneven balance of risk without all things considered. Usually in favour of production over safety, profit over people. 
  • Unexpected – Something that one cannot plan for, hence not manage 

  • Zealotopian – One who has strong beliefs in a specific safety system i.e. Behaviour based safety